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Puromedi Spray Sanitizer

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PUROMEDI HOCL Spray Sanitizer 

HOCL(Hypochlorous Acid)

What is HOCL?

1. Key components of the human immune system

2. Change to water after sterilization

3. Created for sterilization in white blood cells

Only 30 seconds to eradicate germs and viruses. PRUMEDI, a disinfectant for various viruses and harmful bacteria. The most important hygiene to keep your whole family healthy With just one PUROMEDI safe disinfectant, it's easy to keep your hands and mask sanitized!

  • Eco-friendly products that are returned to the water without residue.
  • PH in acidic conditions similar to human skin
  • 99.9% germs and viruses sterilized within 30 seconds

Proven PUROMEDI, FDA-approved material in the United States!

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Wes T.
United States United States

So glad to discover this product. Some extra reassurance for these troubling times

United States United States
I like it

I like it because it's not sticky, and it's a good size to carry around.

United States United States
Got for my family

I got 5 of these for my family. Stay safe!

United States United States
Always take this with you

didn't realize how ignorant I was! Now I am always carrying this in my bag. Never touch your mouth or nose or anywhere before washing your hands with this sanitizer. As it's spray, feels cool and good.

United States United States
I'm planning to make an additional purchase.

I bought it according to the number of people in my family to use it in an urgent situation, and it's so good. I'm planning to make an additional purchase.